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What to Know About Facial Reconstruction Surgery

Facial Reconstruction Surgery Washington DC & Fairfax, VAOne of the things that sets us at Dominion Plastic Surgery apart from other plastic surgery offices is that we not only specialize in cosmetic procedures, but we specialize in reconstructive ones as well. One of the reconstruction surgeries in particular that we focus on is facial reconstruction surgery.

What’s Facial Reconstruction Surgery?

The facial bones are designed to not just make you look good but to help protect your brain and eyes, and help you chew and eat as well. When a patient’s facial bones are broken, they must be reconstructed by placing the bone into proper alignment, hiding incisions, and holding the bones in place with some small, thin plates, and screws.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Reconstruction Surgery?

Typically, we perform this type of reconstructive surgery on patients who have experienced some kind of facial trauma that resulted in facial fractures. During your initial consultation with us, we will usually take some x-rays of your face and then do some brief examinations to get a better idea of what kind of surgery will be most beneficial.

What Specific Types of Facial injuries Can Be treated With This Surgery?

Here at our office, we perform this type of surgery to treat facial fractures to the:

  • Mandible (Lower Jaw Bone)
  • Maxilla (Upper Jaw Bone)
  • Zygoma (Cheekbone)
  • Frontal Bone or Frontal Sinus (Forehead Bone)
  • Orbital Bone (Bone Around the Eye)

In addition to treating facial fractures, however, we can also perform surgery on patients who have had head and neck cancer.

Our goal with facial reconstruction surgery is to help patients get back their appearance and their ability to function again. If you want to learn more about these surgeries, schedule a consultation with us today and call our Falls Church office at  (703) 544-8971.

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