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3 Summer Snacks to Help You Manage Your Weight after Body Contouring

One of the trickiest parts about getting a body contouring procedure is maintaining your results afterward. Once you have fully recovered, we encourage all of our patients to stick to a diet and exercise plan so that you don’t gain any excess weight back. Although body contouring permanently gets rid of existing fat, it doesn’t prevent you from gaining new fat. In addition to working out regularly, eating a diet rich in fresh produce is a great way to avoid gaining weight. Let’s take a closer look at three summer snacks that are tasty and healthy.

Cucumber Slices

If you’re craving something salty like chips, don’t succumb to that craving (trust us, it won’t be good for your waist). Instead, bite into some fresh cucumbers. This crispy vegetable is low in calories and will help fill you up without any fat. If you want to spice up your cucumber, try squeezing some fresh lime on it and adding a little bit of chili powder.


Peach season is here, and this low-calorie fruit is the perfect addition to any food or is delicious to eat on your own. Try adding them to your yogurt, oatmeal, or smoothie in the morning. Or, if you want a midday snack without all of the extra calories, snack on some string cheese and a peach for the perfect sweet and salty combination.


If its name didn’t give it away, then you’ll be surprised to learn that 90% of watermelon is water which means that this low-calorie snack is the perfect thing to indulge in on a hot summers day. Whether you like your watermelon slice, cubed, blended (try it!), or with some chili powder on it(like the cucumber), it’s yummy and easy to fill up on.

The best thing about the summer is fresh fruit and veggies. Rather than eating chips and cookies as a snack, try eating these fresh fruits instead. To learn more about body contouring, contact our Falls Church office today and call (703) 544-8971.

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