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When Breast Surgery Is About More Than Bigger Breasts

Breast Enhancement Falls Church, VAThe first thing that comes to mind when someone says “Breast surgery” is more often than not, someone getting a breast augmentation to enhance their breast size. And although breast augmentations are the most popular form of breast surgeries, they aren’t the only kind.

Breast Lift

You may hear middle-aged women joking about how their breasts are so saggy that they can tuck them in their belt and although that may sound funny when it’s your body, it’s the opposite of a good joke. During A breast lift surgery from Dominion Plastic Surgery, we will elevate your breasts so that they sit higher on your chest. Typically during a breast lift, patients will opt to get them in conjunction with breast implants to get the best results possible. During your initial consultation, however, we will go over your options to help you decide what is best for you.

Breast Reduction

Having large breasts— especially natural ones— can be a blessing and a curse. Although large breasts can make you feel sexier and more feminine, if they are too large they can cause a variety of health issues including chronic back pain. During a breast reduction, our surgeons at Dominion Plastic Surgery will remove breast tissue and reshape your breasts to make them more comfortable and suitable for your frame.

Breast Reconstruction

This type of surgery is typically done on patients who have breast cancer and who need a mastectomy. Usually, a breast reconstruction is done at the time of a mastectomy, but sometimes it needs to happen later on.

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