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Breast Enhancement Recovery

Breast Augmentation Fairfax VADeciding to get a breast enhancement is so exciting. As a continuously popular procedure year after year, a breast enhancement can help treat a variety of concerns including a more balanced physique, asymmetrical breasts, a low self-esteem because of small breasts, and more. Now that you’ve made the leap to get this surgery done from Dominion Plastic Surgery, we have created a list of tips to ensure that you have a smoother recovery.

Wear Your Compression Bra

Typically, we will send you home wearing a compression bra. Although this bra isn’t exactly sexy, we encourage our patients to wear it for at least a couple of days to help keep the inclusions in place and reduce swelling at the same time.

Make Sure You Eat

When you get home, make sure that you get a little bit of food in your stomach— that will help as you ease off of the anesthesia and if you are taking some pain medications. Try eating something filling and blade that won’t upset your stomach like mashed potatoes or toast.

Rest and Repeat

The best thing that you can do while you are recovering from your breast enhancement surgery is to rest and repeat. Try taking about a week or so off of work and off of family duties (if possible). The more time you spend resting, the faster your recovery will likely be.

Massage Breasts

Usually, we encourage our patients to massage their breasts after surgery. The more you massage your breasts, the less likely scar tissue is to build up around your implants. To massage them, try to gently pull the implant away from the muscle using your fingers and then massage it back and forth.

If you have any questions about your recovery at any time, don’t hesitate to give us a call. To learn more about breast enhancement surgery or to schedule your consultation, contact our Falls Church office at  (703) 544-8971.

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