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FAQ’s About the MACS Facelift

MACS Facelift Fairfax, VALife is full of things that we have control over (for the most part) and things that we don’t (like aging). And although you may feel like you don’t have any control over your aging skin, there are some surgical and non-invasive procedures that can be done to help lift and tighten your skin including a MACS facelift. If you have never heard of a MACS facelift before, this article will help answer some frequently asked questions about this procedure.

FAQ: What Is the MACS Facelift?

A MACS facelift or a minimal access cranial suspension facelift helps to correct signs of aging like loose, saggy skin around the face.

FAQ: How Does a MACS Facelift Differ From a Traditional Facelift?

The biggest way in which a MACS facelift differs from a traditional facelift is that it uses suspension sutures to lift tissue which, in turn, leaves a smaller scar than a traditional facelift.

FAQ: What Are the Advantages of a MACS Facelift?

Other than having a smaller scar than with a traditional facelift, there are several other benefits of a MACS facelift including a shorter operation time, shorter recovery time, and it gives patients more natural results.

FAQ: Why Is Dominion Plastic Surgery a Good Place to Get a MACS Facelift?

The MACS facelift, isn’t a procedure that you can find anywhere. Dr. Mehan and Dr. Lee Edstrom have worked together at Brown University which is one of the few hospitals that offers this innovative type of facelift which means that you know your face will be in good hands.

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