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Creating a Cheek Dimple

Yes, it is possible to create a dimple! Although to some it may seem like an odd request, to the patients wanting a dimple it usually is a long-standing desire. Many actresses

Dimples in a cheek are actually a fairly straightforward, usually only a short half hour procedure done under local anesthesia in the office.

Usually, the dimple is only done on one side although some patients request it on both. Typically the dimple is placed about half an inch to one inch back from the corner of the mouth. You can expect some swelling and mild discomfort, but otherwise, most patients report very high satisfaction and minimal pain after the first day or so.

For the patients that have sought me out to perform the procedure, they end up being some of the happiest patients. Since there are not many plastic surgeons that offer this procedure, many of the patients have traveled a great distance for the consult and procedure. The procedure is essentially minimally invasive, able to be done entirely from inside the mouth without any scars on the cheek. You can check out some of our photo gallery for before and after photos.

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