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4 Types of Hand Reconstruction Surgeries

Hand Surgery Arlington, VA We’ve got to hand it to ourselves and give ourselves a hand because here at Dominion Plastic Surgery, we not only have enough puns to fill up a small room but we also have enough experience to make you want to schedule your next hand reconstructive surgery consultation. Here at our office, we perform four types of surgeries for fingertips injuries, tendon lacerations, hand fractures, and nerve injuries.

  1. Fingertip Injuries

You may not be aware of it, but your fingertips are filled with extremely sensitive nerves. And if your fingertips are injured, it can disrupt the overall functionality and movement of your hand. Ranging from crushing, tearing, or amputating injuries, fingertips injuries can include damage to the nail, nail bed, bone, skin or soft tissue. During surgery, our overall goal will e to help you feel, pinch, grip, and perform normal hand functions afterward.

  1. Tendon Lacerations

This type of hand injury is typically caused by a laceration or puncture wound, but they can also be caused by a blunt impact, fracture, dislocation, or crash injury. Surgery is done to help restore movement and hand functionality.

  1. Hand Fractures

Depending on the severity and type of fracture that you have, will help us determine whether or not surgery should be used. In some instances, simply setting the bone in a cast will be sufficient, but other instances require pin, metal plates, and screws to stabilize the fracture.

  1. Nerve Injuries

If you have suffered extensive nerve damage to your hands, we may perform surgery to sew the ends of the nerves together using microsurgical techniques.

If you have suffered from some hand injury or trauma, schedule a consultation at our Falls Church office today  (703) 544-8971. During your initial consultation, we will help determine what treatment option is best for you and your injury.

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