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Patient Testimonials

Thank You Card

“Thank you so much for taking such great care of my Grandfather”    

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing expertise!

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing expertise, support, and care during the last few months! You possess a very rare combination of professionalism and compassion. I’m glad I have had the opportunity to know you. We are in your debt. -Andy


“I wanted to thank you for the excellent job that you did with the liposuction on my neck, thighs, back, and hips. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous at first to do these procedures. But after a couple of visits and after talking with you, I felt 100% safe and confident… Read More »


“I am truly amazed at the level of dedication you have been able to maintain for so many years, as well as the humility and respect you show for all those who work with you and under you. It has been a pleasure getting to know you as a doctor, a surgeon, and a genuinely… Read More »

Anthony and Debra

“I truly know what a miracle worker you are! You and your staff (on Christmas Eve), worked your magic on my husband, and he is living proof of your special talents. I do believe God was watching over him that day, and you were one of God’s helpers! I never expected him to recover to… Read More »


“I’m so excited. It’s been 6 weeks. I feel great and my clothes look much better. I’m so glad I decided to have the surgery. My friends were shocked at first to find out what I did, but they see the difference and they are happy for me. If it is something you’re thinking about… Read More »


“Thank you so much for all that you have done for me during this tough time in my life. I couldn’t ask for anyone better than you. I am truly grateful for all the help you have given me to be able to walk again…”


“…I am grateful for the medical attention I received over the 5 months and 11 operations. Dr. Mehan and Amy Trautman, PAC, you are amazing, profession, and caring individuals. Thank you for taking a personal interest in me and helping me get mobility at record speed.”


“After all this time, I’m still making progress! Rode my bike about 3200 miles in 2012, regular gym-going the past 6 months, and rock-climbing to a moderate but enjoyable standard. All other problems still declining. Thanks again!

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