Greater Washington Plastic Surgery Associates | Vineet Mehan, MD, | Earl M. Johnson, Jr., MD,

Anthony and Debra

“I truly know what a miracle worker you are! You and your staff (on Christmas Eve), worked your magic on my husband, and he is living proof of your special talents. I do believe God was watching over him that day, and you were one of God’s helpers! I never expected him to recover to a normal state. You not only repaired him, but also gave him a second chance to have a normal face, and life again! The rebuild that you performed on him brought his face back to the balanced way his face was before the crash.

We are so grateful of your presence that day and the follow up surgeries and procedures. Also the care, over these long months, has been so fruitful and instrumental in his overall attitude and recovery. We wish you well in your new direction, and are hopeful of never needing your handy work ever again. In case we do, you will be our first phone call, no matter where you are. We are forever in debt to you and your staff.”

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